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Once upon a time, it was not really the done thing to express yourself and beautify your property through the installation of particular windows and doors; this was partly because the uPVC windows and uPVC doors of yesteryear were at best bland, at worse an eyesore! And aluminium windows, composite doors and the more ostentatious bifold doors were still a way from being both on the market and affordable. Happily, this is no longer the case, and Reigate’s Bespoke Windows & Doors Ltd have a range of products built from modern materials, available in all sorts of different colours and styles. We even undertake the installation of conservatories and warm roofs to help you add utility, as you update the aesthetics of your property.

Expressing Yourself With Windows, Doors & Conservatories

Colours – There’s lot you can say simply through the chosen colour of, for example, bifold doors or uPVC windows. A neutral colour like a beige, light grey or ivory is always a safe bet. Quietly elegant, they approach the pursuit of style with a degree of subtlety. Reigate homeowners could consider composite doors in a pale green colour, or something which toes the line between neutrality and “statement”. If you’re feeling more adventurous, darker colours can really go above and beyond – especially when they match other features or your property’s façade. It’s the way to go for a “luxury” look.

Styles – As double glazing can be fit in all our products – from our uPVC doors (including bifold doors) and composite doors, to our uPVC windows and aluminium windows – choosing a style simply comes down to what you think looks best, suits your property, and will be convenient to operate. Casement windows are typically hung from the side to open like a door, while tilt and turn fully open outward, or tilt inward to improve ventilation in a room. Sash uPVC windows and aluminium windows feature one or two panels of double glazing that slide up or over each other, bay windows extend out of the wall and down to the floor for a really distinctive aesthetic, and bay windows project out without the need of extra brickwork.

Conservatories – Did you know there are a variety of different styles of conservatories, each of which has a distinct look to it? Lean-to conservatories feature modern designs with sloped roofs. Victorian conservatories suit period properties around Reigate, with ornate details and great views captured with uPVC windows or aluminium windows which have favourable double glazing to frame ratios. Edwardian conservatories look to maximise space with their rectangular design, and gable-end provides another spacey offering which looks to bring in an uninhibited flow of light.

Lock in Heat With Our Warm Roofs in Reigate

One aspect of what we do which has little to do with style and aesthetics, is the installation of warm roofs in Reigate properties. Warm roofs look to create a more consistently cosy interior temperature by positioning insulation at ceiling level, rather than up in the rafters. For more on this service, navigate to our dedicated warm roofs page.

Contact us for a quote on quality double glazing, or for a consultation on the brand new conservatories we fit around Reigate. You can reach us on 0203 380 0656.