A Range of Materials to Opt for – from Aluminium Windows to uPVC Doors in Coulsdon | Bespoke Windows & Doors Ltd

If you’re looking to update or renovate a Coulsdon property, or perhaps add vital space to it through the construction of an extension, it’s worth considering how exactly new windows or doors will help you achieve what you’re going for. After all, it’s not just a case of thinking about whether double glazing might be a good idea, there’s all sorts of options available to you – from composite doors and bifold dors, to aluminium windows, uPVC windows and uPVC doors. Some clients even choose to add conservatories, and others warm roofs systems to help improve energy efficiency and climate regulation.

Bespoke Windows & Doors Ltd, based right here in Coulsdon, are the area’s local specialists. Our veteran team love nothing more than to use their expertise to guide clients to finding the perfect products to suit their needs, ensuring their end decision is one they’re happy with for many years to come. So what are some of the factors you should be considering while working on your shortlist?


Different homes around Coulsdon are built in different architectural styles, and have different features that make them unique. Amongst our range of composite doors, bifold doors, aluminium windows, uPVC windows and uPVC doors, there are all sorts of different styles – casement, flush, bay, tilt and turn, sash being just a few on the window side of things. When double glazing units can be fitted in any of these styles, and in all types of conservatories, you have the freedom to really get creative…

Period homes are often best suited to “natural” look materials, such as wood grain effect composite doors. More modern, new build properties court a certain minimalism, so maximising the double glazing to frame ratio becomes a popular approach. When it comes to uPVC windows and uPVC doors, these days there’s more stylistic flexibility than ever. No longer is it just plain white, uninspiring fixtures. Consider a grey or black frame, or if your budget could enable an upgrade to aluminium windows, which are renowned for their sleek, modern profile.


We’ve touched on the potential stylistic differences between aluminium, uPVC and composite – but what about the functional differences? Aluminium windows are known for their strength and durability, making them ideal for Coulsdon homeowners who want to prioritise home security. They’re also low maintenance and as mentioned above, come in all sorts of colours and styles.

Composite doors, due to consisting of multiple materials meticulously layered over a rock solid core, are also known for their impressive strength. They expand on the already impressive thermal efficiency of uPVC doors, helping you lock in heat in your Coulsdon home.

uPVC windows and uPVC doors are typically more affordable than aluminium windows and composite doors. Yet despite being economical, they aren’t cheaply made. Their chambered design helps keep your home secure and warm. They’re also ideal for conservatories and for use as bifold doors, so you can get a value-adding end product without breaking the bank. Remember, double glazing can be fit within all styles of window and conservatories, which we recommend to help keep properties cool in the summer, and warm in the winter!

Warm Roofs

Did you know our team also install warm roofs in Coulsdon homes? These are structures where thermal insulation is installed on top of the roof structure to help improve heat retention, making it so that the bottom of the structure is the same temperature as the internal environment. For more information about warm roofs and how they can help you, call Bespoke Windows & Doors Ltd on 0203 380 0656.

Whether you’re looking to fit aluminium windows, or uPVC doors in your Coulsdon home, choose Bespoke Windows & Doors Ltd for exceptional products, installed professionally.