Installing Stunning Conservatories in Coulsdon, Reigate & wider Surrey | Bespoke Windows & Doors Ltd

A quintessentially British feature, the conservatory is a fantastic way to add meaningful space to your home. More characterful than a traditional extension, conservatories and orangeries deliver you a space that blurs the lines between interior and exterior, providing the comfort of the former with the abundance of light and air of the latter.

Bespoke Windows & Doors Ltd – based in Coulsdon and covering areas including Banstead, Caterham, Croydon, Purley, Sanderstead, Reigate and Warlingham – designs and builds stunning conservatories tailored to individual clients’ tastes and practical requirements. Our goal is to work with you to design something that perfectly integrates with your home, complementing its existing architectural features while adding the right level of “wow factor”.

Styles of Conservatory & Orangery

Victorian – Perhaps the most traditional style, Victorian conservatories are ornate and really make a statement through the implementation of all sorts of decorative details. They often feature multi-faceted walls and a high roof, and provide spectacular views out into the garden.

Edwardian – A versatile option which is typically square or rectangular in shape, Edwardian conservatories balance the ornate detail of a Victorian design with a modern sensibility. This can make for a bit more space to play with, while making it slightly simpler to decorate.

Learn-to – Looking to keep things simple? Eschewing tradition by rejecting decorative roofing and multi-faceted walls, lean-to conservatories deliver a box-like design with clean lines galore. Their roofs are typically simple, straight and sloped, which also means they can fit the bill when height restrictions are in place due to planning rule and regulations.

Orangery – Similar to conservatories, orangeries differ in the fact they use less glazing to create a space that’s closer to a traditional extension than a true conservatory. A popular option amongst our Banstead, Caterham, Croydon, Purley, Sanderstead, Reigate and Warlingham clients is to combine an orangery with bifold doors to make it seamlessly easy to open up into the garden.

Aluminium vs uPVC

While many companies only fit uPVC conservatories, we also offer aluminium as an option so clients can choose which they feel would best suit their needs. Just as with the windows and doors we install, aluminium conservatories take a number of the benefits associated with uPVC, such as its energy efficiency and the lack of maintenance it requires, and adds extra durability and a distinctive modern aesthetic.

Aluminium conservatories may better suit more recently built properties around Banstead, Caterham, Croydon, Purley, Sanderstead, Reigate and Warlingham due to their sleek minimalism, and attractive powder coated finishes. Whichever material or style you opt for, know there are many decisions you can make to customise Bespoke conservatories. We can also repair damaged conservatories, so call us in should you be experiencing trouble with yours.

Warm Roofs

We highly recommend that new conservatories are paired with warm roofs. What exactly are warm roofs? They’re tiled roof systems in which insulation is fitted right below the roofline. Featuring a breathable membrane to help prevent problems with damp and condensation, they will help regulate the interior temperature within conservatories – and any room in which they are fitted – to create a more warm, comfortable environment.

Our Coulsdon based team also recommend them to clients around Banstead, Caterham, Croydon, Purley, Sanderstead, Reigate and Warlingham looking to clamp down on extortionate heating bills. The warm roofs we install are sourced from Prefix Systems, a leading name in their field. Prefix’s WARMroof systems are totally customisable, as with all the other products we install. Choose a tile colour and texture you like, and consider the various upgrades and finishes available. This versatility allows these warm roofs to complement all conservatories, whatever their style and particularity.

Choosing to add conservatories to a property can be an incredibly exciting decision. So call our Coulsdon based team on 0203 380 0656 to discuss your ideas.