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Homeowners throughout Caterham continue to recommend our services to their friends and family, whenever they hear someone they know is in need of a reputable installer of anything from uPVC doors to aluminium windows, conservatories to warm roofs. We’re ultimately a company that exists to help people improve their homes, on both aesthetic and functional levels. Composite doors that shore up your first line of defence; bifold doors that help you bring the outdoors, in; uPVC windows fitted out with double glazing, helping you regulate your environment – here’s more on how each element within our product range fits within the bigger picture…

Update Your Home With…

Double Glazing – If you’re one of the declining number of persons in the Caterham area who still suffer single glazing, we’d love to hear from you. Double glazing improves on it in so many ways, that it constitutes an effective long-term investment you can no longer afford to live without. You’ll find it easier and significantly cheaper to heat your home, as well as that your home is quieter and more secure. Double glazing in this day and age is quite simply an essential, not a luxury extra.

New uPVC Windows & uPVC Doors – Speaking of essentials, our range of uPVC windows and uPVC doors help you complement your home with stylish fixtures that, despite their affordability, bring a range of benefits to the table. With chambered designs, uPVC doors and uPVC windows can improve thermal insulation as well as reduce volume levels entering and exiting the home. Caterham clients looking to replace old timber sets, so vulnerable to warping, rotting and splintering, should consider uPVC as an alternative totally immune to all these issues and more!

Aluminium Windows & Composite Doors – But what if you want to spend extra and receive a premium product which takes everything great about uPVC windows and uPVC doors, and takes it to the next level? Consider our range of aluminium windows and composite doors. Each is known for its unrivalled, best-in-category durability, and for being a sleek and modern option for homes of all periods and styles around Caterham.

Conservatories – There are few home improvements as exciting to go ahead with as conservatories. They’re expansive, brand new spaces which can totally redefine the way you make use of your property, giving you an airy and light space to share with family and friends, or to use for a bit of peace and quiet when it’s time to reflect on the day. We build conservatories in all sorts of styles, so Caterham residents can get something that perfectly integrates with their home and garden, which conservatories act as a sort of bridge between.

Bifold Doors – Modern engineering has delivered us one of the biggest revelations to sweep through interior design for some time: bifold doors. Stacking neatly to one side, they let you create seamless transitions between spaces, encouraging you to fling open your doors to the outside world, greeting nature and a garden space you’ll be all the more encouraged to get out into. A home improvement much sought after now amongst buyers around Caterham, they represent a great investment.

Warm Roofs – One service that many of our Caterham clients don’t know we provide is the installation of warm roofs. These can help you keep a room snug and cheaply heated, and we recommend them for inclusion with all new conservatories which, when built with double glazing, will be easy to keep cosy even during the winter months.

To learn more about any of the above services, call our team on 0203 380 0656. We’re proud to be known as the Caterham area’s favoured installer of windows, doors and double glazing.